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Anita Rehman

Posted on June 22 2017


Michelle Obama started a new way of thinking about the topic of dressing and power (or confidence). She understood very early on that every thing she did carried a meaning and that she could leverage the power of clothing to convey to people who she was and what she stood for through her clothing. She showed women that you could be both smart and fashionable and that it was completely ok to love fashion and say it out aloud! She worked hard to show the world her personality through her clothing.

Science has shown that your outfit alters how you approach and interact with the world. Putting together an outfit is like creating your personality from the outside. By dressing well on the outside and having confidence, you will increase your confidence on the inside. This is important because confidence is one of the most important things we must learn in life. Everything little thing, and especially how you dress contributes to your confidence.  

Do not underestimate how important dressing is to defining your personality. How you dress will tell the world how to treat you and it will tell them how you think of yourself.   It will define the chances you are given in life and what the world thinks of you when they look at you.

As the Oscar winning costume designer Edith Head says “You can have whatever you want, if you dress for it”. I will add “if you dress for it and if you work hard for it”, the combination can be explosive.



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